Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pickle Shots!

While I was staying in Atlanta, a good friend/family of Satni and the SKW crew, Lauren Skinner, came to visit from L.A. Santi through a surprise party for her and I got to help set it all up...I love parties! It's too bad the surprise was ruined though... Lauren found out about the party the day before. It was kept hush hush for two weeks, but when Santi sent out a reminder text to everyone the day before, Lauren had her sister's phone in her lap and intercepted the message. So, the surprise was a bust, but the party was still a success. Lauren was excited and quite taken back that there was a party for her. Everyone that came had a super good time!

During the party Lauren's sister Kimmy decided to make pickle shots. I was surprised that there were pickles at Santi's house...since he hates them so. When he heard what was going on he darted out of the kitchen screaming as if someone was running after him with one! How can someone be so afraid of pickles!? They're so yummy! Anyway, I was down for the shot! Let's do it!

A shot glass, tomato juice, vodka and a pickle...there you go! You eat the pickle after the shot. Just like a lime after tequila!


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